GREEN COAST is a company based in the city of Itaguaí – Rio de Janeiro- Brazil, focused on the commercialization of commodities. Our team of professionals and business partners form a solid commercial network, which works to offer our customers the best products at a competitive price.

We do our best to be the most efficient and professional company in the industry, promptly providing only the highest quality products and services, we place our customers as the first priority, at all stages of the product and service supply chain.

I invite you to contact us for more information and to facilitate the decision to work with us. We enter into partnerships with the best companies, shareholders and the most respected producers, always guaranteeing the opportunity for great deals.

Agility, Honesty, Integrity and Values are the foundation of our company’s reputation.




• Provide the best and most complete platform of solutions for logistics and foreign trade.

• Leverage our customers’ competitive advantage.

• Offer the most efficient logistics for each segment.

• Build, develop and maintain a talented and motivated team, with full capacity to meet the needs of the market.

• Cultivate a strategic relationship with partners around the world.


Every company is born out of a dream. But it only really becomes a business when it is born out of a vision. GREEN COAST’s vision is to be a company with a high level of development, growth and profitability, so that we can be sustainable in the long run. And so, continuing to expand the international market, bringing all our customers reliable products, with the brand of differentiated quality, so that our products and services create value for our customers and partners.

To make this vision a proven reality, we strive to develop a strategy of constant search for quality, to serve the most demanding markets worldwide. With an efficient and effective logistics, quickly meeting the needs of our customers, and with a cutting-edge team.



• Business ethics throughout all negotiations;

• Valorization and training of its professionals;

• Company with dynamic and flexible decision-making;

• Economic, social and environmental sustainability;

• Grow and evolve together;

• Commitment to customers and consumers;

• Integrity, Security and Trust;

• Focus on results.



GREEN COAST has international shareholders, strategically located to cover the maximum of the international market. The company counts on know-how of experienced and agile professionals to expand the direct commercial relationship with customers on all continents, investing in new business opportunities, and expanding strategic, commercial and operational partnerships.

The company has commercial agreements with large companies abroad, they are important international partners of GREEN COAST, who contribute daily to



We visualize GREEN COAST in constant harmony with the changes in the international market, stimulating the entrepreneurial and creative spirit of its team and partners, and preparing, in advance, to face challenges, always projecting an image of confidence and solidity. The company we aim for is made by competent and daring people, in a continuous development process, enabling their personal and professional fulfillment. We always have a participating team, committed to the company’s objectives, integrated in forming the working environment at Rodrigues Trading in a productive and pleasant way. We want to have more than just a collaborator, look for partners who act and have goals and build our vision of the future.


the development of large businesses, and the development of new markets around the globe.