Soja / Soy

Milho / Corn

Gergelim / Sesame

Feijões / Beans

Café / Coffee

Açúcar / Sugar

About us

GREEN COAST is a Ship Supplier for Food, as well as Spare Parts and EPI, providing solutions for Cargo Vessels, Off Shore Maritime Cies., Cattering Providers and also Cruise Ships, availling to its customers’s 24-hour services, deliveries on time, excellence in product’s quality, brands of preference, adequate shelf life, as required by Shipping, Also offering the advantage of availing its team to help/proceed the delivery of goods on board.

Our Objective

We, the management, staff and work force are committed to service, quality and efficiency. Our objectives, goals and their attainment are to enable us to satisfy our clients.

Anglo Eastern Ship Management

United Ocean Ship Management

Univan Ship Management

V. Ships

Wisdom Marine Lines

Cosco Shipping


We are licensed ship supplier’s specialist of operations and obligations pertaining to Brazilian Customs laws and regulations on imports and exports. With an exclusive clearance department following daily basis the complexity of customs regulations diversity, we guarantee your vessel legal receipt of stores onboard. Our reputed team has free deal priority with customs and health authorities to solve any issue on owners behalf, long term supplies brought trust and responsibility which could let us offer extremely important solutions.